Toddlers Unlimited

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Celebrating 20 Years of Playing and Learning

on April 11, 2016


Here is Teacher Thumby, our School Director’s speech during the Moving Up Ceremony to end the schoolyear 2015-16:

Good morning children, parents, grandparents and guests. Thank you for coming to our Moving Up Day Celebration.

This is Toddlers Unlimited’s 20th Moving Up Day. Our first one was done in my parents’ home in 1996, with a small group of children many of whom were my nieces, nephews, neighbors and family friends.

Today, we are Moving Up more than 100 children, including my own kids, my nieces, children of my neighbors, friends, teachers and people who have become part of our Toddlers Family.

I don’t think there are enough words to express my gratitude to God and to my husband, family, teachers, staff, and the families who over the years have entrusted their children in our care. But I will try. Thank you. Salamat po. Gracias. Tak. Danke Shoen. Grazie. Spasiba. Shokran. Kamsahamnida. Arigato.

When we started Toddlers Unlimited, we were the only progressive school in Alabang that promoted learning through play, because Teacher Gila and I really believed in the power and magic of active exploration.

My message to the children today is simply to enjoy your childhood. Experience it. Run around in circles until your dizzy, pretend to be astronauts blasting off to outer space, have giggle fits over the silliest things, make musical instruments out of household objects and start a marching band.

Whenever I look back on my childhood a flood of memories pours in of all these fun stuff we used to do. This is what I want for all our children. That when they grow up, they will look fondly on their childhood – their times as babies, toddlers, preschoolers and gradeschoolers, and feel a rush of joy. For the times they chased each other as dinosaurs in the Romp, the elaborate restaurants they set up in their classrooms, and the inventive stories they made to entertain each other.

To the Parents my message is just this: Let’s not forget the value of play. It motivates children to think, communicate, solve problems, care for others, move about, focus, write, do art, dance, act, and a whole lot of other things…but also…it makes children happy.

Thank you all so much for being a part of this celebration. Salamat po. Gracias. Tak. Danke Shoen. Grazie. Spasiba. Shokran. Kamsahamnida. Arigato.


17 I

Let’s not forget the value of play. It makes children happy.


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