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Our Top 10 Family Friendly Music Videos

on October 3, 2015

Who doesn’t love watching music video channels? But nowadays, how can parents not feel annoyed, disturbed, offended, insulted or even worried about the messages these videos can send to young minds.

It’s a sad fact that many musicians have to resort to demeaning tricks to fulfill contracts or grab attention. But it’s such a loss that we cannot share the enjoyment of music videos with our children. Sure, there are tons of songs from Sesame Street, Yo Gabba Gabba, Hi-5 and the likes, that children (and often parents) can enjoy. But some kids like listening to adult music and sharing their videos. So we put together a short collection of some music videos parents and kids can watch together.

Unfortunately there is nothing that is recent, but all the songs chosen are pretty timeless and fun to watch.

  1. A-HA: Take on me

How can you not love one of the most memorable videos from the 80’s?

Take On Me

  1. Lenka: The Show

Such a cute video with catchy lyrics and an upbeat tempo.

The Show

  1. Sara Bareilles: Brave

I love how being brave is interpreted as expressing yourself rather than fighting.


  1. Rob Thomas: Little Wonders

Something for those emotional times. Sometimes you just need a song to play when your child is feeling blue.

Little Wonders

  1. Pharrel Williams: Happy

And something when you just wanna dance!


  1. Anna Kendrick: When I’m Gone

Inspires children to learn how to play with cups and sing while waiting in restaurants.

cup songs

  1. Madonna: Dear Jessie

This is possibly the only Madonna video kids could actually watch. Lovely theme about the preciousness of childhood.

dear jessie

  1. Plumb: One Drop

Powerful message that early readers will enjoy.

one drop

  1. Coldplay: Life in Technicolor II

It’s Coldplay…enough said.


  1. Tomorrow: Tevin Campbell and Quincy Jones

A song about hope and a message of love sung by children.


Wish they could have made it to the top 10:

Here are 5 other videos that are watchable although maybe some parents won’t approve.

  1. N Sync’s Gotta Be Me: It’s got a little bit of fighting and some sexy Barbie’s, although nothing offensive really. The scariest thing is JT’s outfit.
  1. Spice Girls’ Stop: I think this is their best video, but with Scary Spice’s sexy outfit, had to bump it off the list. But I noticed they tried not to show as much as possible. It’s a fun video to watch anyway.
  1. One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful: Knocked out for that near kiss moment. But am glad there was no actual kissing that would have caused pre-teen heart to start shattering all over the world.
  1. Al Jarraue’s Morning: Nothing wrong with this one, except maybe that the cartoon effects are a bit outdated, but kids might still enjoy it.
  1. Sheena Easton’s Telefone: How would you explain the term: Love Affair. Still, it’s a fun video for Halloween.

What’s on your child-friendly playlist? Please share!

Oh and one more important thing, when watching these videos with your children: DO NOT SCROLL DOWN TO READ THE COMMENTS!

Have fun!


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