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Toddlers’ Kids Growing Up and Doing Good!

on July 10, 2015

2015 marks our 20th year of working with young children. Through the years, there have been so many interesting and incredible children that have enriched our classrooms. I often wonder about “our kids” and how they are doing.

I often see Facebook posts or bump into parents who share what our children are up to. It never fails to amaze me how wonderful they have turned out to be. While I would love to claim that there is some connection between being in Toddlers and their awesomeness today, I would rather not, and give credit to where it is due – the students themselves and the families who have raised them.

One particular example of greatness is Freddie, who arrived in Toddlers when we were new at Festival Mall. He was an adorable 3-year-old who loved Thomas the Tank Engine so much he would dash around the room pretending he was his beloved steam engine. Over the years we would see Freddie’s dear mom, Irene, who would share about his progress, challenges and triumphs. Like every parent, she always seemed to have a healthy dose of concern that was always buried by the overwhelming pride she had for her son.

Just recently Freddie, who is now a high school student studying in Germany, was honoured by his school. The article is in German, so I asked for a translation.

Screenshot 2015-07-10 19.39.37

“The Father Alfred Delp Award is the highest honour given to graduates at St. Blasien College. It serves to acknowledge continuous and outstanding endeavours of social responsibility.”

You see, during Yolanda, Freddie initiated a fund raising campaign for the whole school and was able to raise over €4,000 to help rebuild a school in Bantayan, Cebu. He also would give his time to help old and disabled people around the area, like doing the grocery and reading books to them. He teaches English, Math, Sports and other things like Drumming in school. He is also an advocate against bullying and helps other kids with difficulties in school, especially those with Learning Disabilities. Being in a Jesuit school, they took notice of his simplicity and humility, for he never took credit for the work he did.

Screenshot 2015-07-10 19.54.21

In her message to me, Irene added this: “Thank you! And it all started in Toddlers Unlimited…”

While I do not take credit for Freddie’s achievements, it surely warms my heart to realise that his mom knows that when he was a 3-year-old trailblazing his way around our school, we saw the unlimited potential in this young boy, who has turned out to be such a caring and admirable young man.

To Freddie and his family, congratulations! We are so full of pride.

And to our other students out there, give us a call and let us know how you are doing. We would love to hear from you!


Your Toddlers Family

Written by:
Teacher Thumby Server-Veloso


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