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Neurofeedback Stage 1

on May 31, 2014

I took my almost 7 year old son, who may have ADHD to the Philippine Neurofeedback Center at Medical Plaza in Makati yesterday.

Why did I bring my son in?

1. The other day, I had a conference with the school head in my son’s school and we talked about his areas of strength and weakness based on the results of his school performance and tests. We also reviewed the report done by a Clinical Psychologist and found it was consistent with the school results. So we planned support and extra curricular work to help him.

2. I’ve recently been reading about Neurofeedback and was really interested in how it could help him, especially since it is non-invasive and there are no negative side effects.

3. A big plus was finding out that they have a promo – free brain mapping and new package pricing.

What happened on our first visit?

1. We were met by Dr. Cheryl Mae Ramirez, the clinic manager, who also happens to be a neurotherapist . She answered our basic questions about the therapy.

2. We were ushered us into our cubicle and she sat next to my son, while an attendant connected electrodes to him. They used a kind of paste to stick the electrodes to him. My son did not particularly like that there were things stuck on him and almost immediately asked when they would be removed, but after being assured that it would not take long, he sat and waited.


3. Then the mapping began. Dr. Ramirez would play a short music clip and watch the computer, taking notes as lines and numbers that I could not decipher appeared on the screen.  There were 4 clips in all, and after each song clip, she would stop and talk to me about what she read, while the attendant moved the electrodes to measure a different part or side of his brain. By the 4th clip, my son was already asking when it would be over, but managed to finish the mapping. Each clip was about a minute long, I would say he was hooked up for about 15 minutes at the most.


What I found out?

Without giving the out specifics, she talked to me about areas of my son’s brain that were not working at a normal rate. These are the areas where he could get help with. As we were talking, I found myself nodding and agreeing, as these were the same areas that his Clinical Psychologist Report and School Report pointed out as needing help and areas we also struggle with at home.

Dr. Ramirez said she would send me a report to review along with the number of sessions needed. I’m quite curious to find out if I will see a noticeable change in his focusing after a few sessions.

What will neurofeedback do?

“Neurofeedback is a reputable and scientifically proven computer-aided biofeedback technique that is used to train the brain to improve its function. It involves reading waves and analyzing its deviation from a database of standard healthy brain patterns. In areas where a deviation from the norm is detected, the correct brain wave pattern is fed back to the brain through a series of audio and even visual rewards.

In time, the brain learns how to create these normative patterns, resulting in a more coherent communication between the different parts, thereby improving brain function.”


Why will we do this to our son?

People may ask me why I would subject my son to therapies that may seem unnecessary. Or why I would not wait for him to get older.

My response is that I am an advocate of Early Intervention and doing what you can to help your child while they are young. It is my hope that by doing this now, I give my son a better chance at learning to do things he is having difficulty with and making life easier and more enjoyable for him.

Am I 100% sure it will work?

No, I am not. But since it is non-invasive and has no negative side effects, and has some literature (research-based findings), I am willing to give it a try. At the end of the day, I would like to say I tried to help my son to the best of my knowledge and ability. Rather than keep a wait and see and regret attitude.

Where can I read up on this therapy?

Check out their facebook page, where articles are posted.

Or visit their website.

How do I contact them?

+63 916 735 5014

+63 2 553 5943/  +63 2 888 5086
Unit 814  Medical Plaza Building
Amorsolo corner Dela Rosa Streets
Legazpi Village, Makati City



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