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Pilates in Toddlers!

on July 30, 2013

By: Teacher Maan Adriano

The month of July is all about our body and knowing how to take care of it. For the past few weeks, the Pups Class has been busy discussing the different body parts and systems. To make it more fun and exciting, we invited Mrs. Anne-mi Katigbak, a Certified Pilates Instructor and loving mom to Xavi, last July 3 to teach us different exercises that we can do to keep our bodies fit and strong.

The whole room was packed with eager children ready for some stretching and movement. Mommy Anne-mi began by talking about how important it is that we take care of the body by doing some exercises. Everyone looked so keen to learn about Pilates.

Pilates 1


After showing us some pictures of different equipment, Mommy Anne-mi brought out some materials that we can use to do some poses. First was the Physio Ball that helps us exercise the muscles in our tummy to make it firmer.



The children took turns balancing on the ball on their backs while trying to do some sit-ups.

Other materials that she showed us were the Pilates Roller, Pilates Circle and the Pilates Ball. Each exercise focuses on certain muscles in our body by making it more flexible and stronger.



Finally, Mommy Anne-mi taught us a few of the most common Pilates Poses. After doing some warm-ups, everybody scrambled to get their own space to do some of the poses.


Everybody did a really great job trying to imitate the different Pilates poses. Everyone did their best in balancing with both feet and arms up in the air. Thanks to Mommy Anne-mi, we now know more exercising techniques and we’re ready to add our own twist to them!

 Do you want to do some simple Yoga with your kids? Try this book! We’re sure that your kids would love imitating some of the Yoga poses in it. 



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