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Growing Up and Moving Forward

on March 23, 2013

My son graduated from Kinder yesterday and as the School Head, I had to give a little speech.

I know it sounds rather silly to prepare a speech for 4- and 5-years olds, but when I sat down and began putting the words together, I imagined myself talking to my son and his friends, and thinking to myself – What do I want them to know?  Then I realized, it’s probably the parents who are going to listen to me, not so much the kids, so then it became – What do I want the other parents to remember? 

In the graduation rites of older children, they are usually called to be better people or are welcomed to the adult world, they are invited to take up the challenge to make the world a better place or find their place and make their contribution to society.

But for kindergarteners – what do we really want to tell them? I searched my heart and this is what I came up with. The title of our Moving Up Day Party was Growing Up and Moving Forward. Maybe not everyone will agree with me, but at this moment in my son’s life and this point in mine, this is what I wanted to say…

To our graduating class of 2013 here is my very brief message to you now that you are Growing Up and Moving Forward.

Don’t grow up too fast…relish every second of your childhood.

First of all, don’t forget to play…for it is when you play that you build friendships and discover roles you want to take. It is when you play that your imagination takes you on train rides to the moon, or builds beaches in your backyard. That’s when you see things beyond adult vision and create ideas way beyond our grown up rules.

Next is you should continue to accept affection and adoration – Let us, your parents, teachers, and loved ones – tickle, cuddle, kiss, squeeze and praise you while we can! It is by receiving love that you become better at giving it.

Finally, never forget to let the giggles out. Be silly when you feel like it. Chase bubbles, run around in circles, make funny faces, laugh when you get tickled, ask your Dads to throw you up in the air, do the Hokey Pokey, fall down when you Ring Around the Rosie…Enjoy the lightness of being a child. For you might not remember every happy moment in your life, but you will always carry the happy spirit in your soul.

So of course you will have to grow up and move forward…move forward today, but grow up a little later. Being big kids who are proud of their accomplishments and ready for great things does not mean that you have to forget that you are still our precious children. So today and for many days after, we need you to revel in play, feel loved and be happy!


By: Teacher Thumby Server-Veloso

Toddlers Unlimited

March 22, 2013


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