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A Day With My Toddlers Family

on February 21, 2013

The 17th Annual Family Day of Toddlers Unlimited took a different turn this year. Instead of venturing to a far off (aka out of town) venue, the Parents Family Day Committee decided on a closer to home site – and chose the Cuenca Park of Ayala Alabang for this special day.

Game Booth

We kicked off the day with interesting booths for the children to enjoy. Armed with a Task Card, the children explored a Temporary Tattoo Salon, Tangrams Table, Fishing Area, and Art Corner prepared by their teachers. They also had game booths of: hay-animal-hunt and ring-toss-on-the-duckies sponsored by Tinker Tykes.


Then we joined our respective teams and with our games hosts Joy Tanyag and Denise Cariaso, and enjoyed a few fun team games. From making our own cool cheers to wrapping up our pretty mommy-mummies, from the tricky ping-pong pass to a hilarious balloon relay. We all had so much F-U-N!


Mad Science showed a short presentation that brought about lots of giggles from the children, as we guessed about where the water in the aluminum cups went.


The highlight of the day of course was the Animal Show by Dr. Bernardo and Tita Ming. The children were delighted to see all the animals – the talking parrots, cuddly bunnies, enormous snakes – just to name a few. It was so nice to see how all the children were so gentle with the animals, that the parents could not stop themselves from clicking away, snapping photo after photo!


We had so many wonderful sponsors that morning, which we would like to thank here.

Hinge Inquirer Philippines (who also gave us books and GCs for our raffle), Filway Marketing, Reading Specialists, Tomatis Philippines, Pr1mera Herbal Teas, Books on Wheels, Tinker Tykes, Insular Life, ABaKaDa Philippines, Pixie Forest (who gave us GCs for our raffle), Mad Science, Scholastic Book Fairs, Digiprint (for the Photobooth), and Agua Vida Ayala Alabang (for the free drinking water).

Our sellers also need special thanks:

Bag Tags, Dizzy Dresses, Polka Tots, Coco Kids, Earth Comes First, Stuf, Schoolbags for Kids, Sand Puff, Letlet Veloso (who gave us a prize for the raffle), April’s Pet Shop, Lenz Suyo’s Baguio Vegies, Ricky Gonzales Taho, Angus Beef Tapa Lady, Potato Corner, Yaya Baby’s Sandwiches and Spaghetti, Mother’s Garden Pastas, Teachers’ Food Booths with Empanadas, BBQ & Hotdogs, Silvanas, Tuyo and Siopao.

Should you wish to contact any of these sponsors or sellers, feel free to contact me and I can give you their numbers, email addresses or websites.

We also need to thank Doris Bermudez, Ana Wienecke and Emerita Javier for helping us find sponsors for the event. The Agua Vida Ayala Alabang Staff for helping us pick up and return our tables and chairs. Mrs. Dada Lanza’s staff for helping us bring equipment to and from the venue. Also Ryan of Ear Candy for taking care of our sound system. Credit to Mr. Matt Matel for the photos in this article.

Of course all the teachers, staff and families that joined and made this event a success…huge THANKS to you all! It was truly a memorable day spent with our Toddlers Family.


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