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Christmas for Chosen Children

on December 30, 2012

To those of us that celebrate the birth of Jesus, we often do our best to make Christmas fun and memorable for our children. The adults usually do all the hard work – “negotiate” with Santa, do the shopping, put up decorations, take charge of the celebration planning, and donate to their favorite charities.

This year, we at Toddlers Unlimited, wanted the children to understand that Christmas is for all kinds of children… not just the ones that live in cozy homes or have mommies and daddies.

Our favorite orphanage is Chosen Children Village, a home for special needs children. We felt that our kindergarteners were ready to open their hearts to make Christmas more unforgettable for the children in CCV.

Along with their teachers, they worked on art projects and thought of things to sell. We invited the parents, relatives, yayas and children from the other classes to our one-day bazaar. We sold desserts, maki, juice, ornaments, tattoos, toys, and gift tags. The children worked so hard during the bazaar, and were so tired after. Which was a good thing because it showed them that it takes a lot of effort to raise money.


The parents were so supportive. Nikki sold cookies that she baked at home, and her mom matched her earnings to double her profit! Amelia’s mom donated goodies for us to sell. Mojo’s dad sent extra cash. Thanks go out to Teachers Kat Stehmeier, Joy Tanyag & Grech Tomas for selling toys and Teachers Anna Perez and Mariel Santos for some desserts.

ImageWe earned enough money to take the students to the toy section of Robinson’s Department store, where they eagerly chose toys for the children.


On the morning of Dec. 24, my son (Lucas), husband (Bootsie), sister (Litlit) and niece (Carrie), delivered the toys to CCV. We were met by Doc Asinas Ervito who brought us intosome cottages to meet the children. He showed us the Rehabilitation Center (with separate rooms for Physical and Occupational Therapy) and their community hall. All the while, Lucas happily played in their spacious playground.


As I looked around I couldn’t help but notice how well cared the children were. It was heartbreaking to hear how some of them were abandoned (left in the taxi, or in the mudnext to a carabao), but also so heartwarming to see the the amount of care that they were receiving. I loved how the older ones were helping care for the little toddlers and the children on wheelchairs. It made me feel that these children were growing in a home where they had a big family full of love. 



Written by:

Barbara Server-Veloso


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