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Sporty Day Program

on August 18, 2012

Kicking off our Sporty Day Program with Football lessons from Coaches Carrie and Denise.

At Toddlers Unlimited, we recently launched our Sporty Day Program where we are collaborating closely with a Parents Sports Committee (led by the very wonderful, Mrs. Ashley Battram) to help decide the course of the program. We’ve mapped out the sports/games that we will be including in the program as well as worked out the schedule. Right now, we are trying to find a suitable venue, but hope to get the ball rolling (so to speak).

For our first Sporty Day, we had Coach Carrie Server (an avid soccer player, Toddlers Alumni, and Gothia cup Philippines Team player -2011) and Teacher Denise teaching the children about passing, stopping and kicking the ball, as well as talking to them about the different positions/players on the field.

I promise to keep parents posted about our next Sporty Days once they have been set. In the meantime, I recommend that all parents make sure their children are getting enough daily exercise.

For more on the importance of exercise and the kind of exercise or physical activity we need to encourage our children to do, please read this article. Some of the findings are quite alarming.




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