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Teacher Workshop on Creative Story Telling

on July 23, 2012

Teachers Joy Tanyag and Cathy Gasgonia led a workshop on Creative Story Telling, which ended with the teachers partnering up and sharing stories with us.


Masks, music and a mustache drawn on a finger?!         Teachers Maan and Mariel delight us with their clever presentation of an all-time favorite.

We liked how Teacher Maan drew a little mustache on her finger to transform herself into the old farmer. Their masks were all so delightful and can be used for so many other songs and stories. The version they chose also integrated counting the animals as we sang along.



Teachers Erika & Eira re-tell a classic story about hard work using teacher-made cardboard puppets.

Little Red Hen has been a personal favorite of mine, ever since I played the lead character in a school play when I was in Kinder…so many years ago. The fact that it’s repetitive helps children find their way to join in on the dialogue.


Teachers Bianca and Camille have fun reading Dr. Seuss’ book on feelings while playing music clips to match the emotions depicted on each page.

While the illustrations and images in each page are enough to help children feel the emotions being described by the author, it was a nice touch having some background music to add to the drama, fun and silliness. Teacher Bianca’s extra side comments and playful antics made a great story even more enjoyable!


Strumming and singing along while Teachers Jing and Anna who used costumes to bring a story to life.

We had to choose a winning pair for the workshop, and this duo got the prize! Not only because of the clever costumes, but we liked how Teacher Anna used a strum of the guitar on each page to cue the crowd when to start singing the chorus and the way Teacher Jing would pause every so often to ask us questions that would get us thinking.

It was a fun-filled, educational afternoon! Lots of giggles and great ideas were shared.







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