Toddlers Unlimited

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We believe in your child’s unlimited possibilities!

on July 17, 2012
Red Room

Our classroom for toddlers.

Toddlers Unlimited is a progressive nursery school that believes children learn through play, active exploration, concrete experiences, and interaction with a carefully prepared environment, high quality learning materials, qualified adults and group of peers.

We are guided by developmentally appropriate principles in child development, as specified by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), an organization of Educators and Child Specialists in the United States.

We follow a process-oriented way of teaching where teachers provide opportunities to explore a wide variety of materials. The child’s enjoyment and learning through these explorations are given more importance than the final product.

Because of the positive experiences children have at Toddlers Unlimited, they become ready to move on to more structured settings and do quite well in big schools when the time comes.

Parent Participation is very valuable to us. We encourage this by inviting them to be parent volunteers in the classroom or on field trips and home visits. Parents are welcome to give suggestions and share their resources such as books, videos, photos, and materials. They are kept updated on school events through a correspondence notebook, Parent’s Bulletin Board, school newsletters and emails. Teachers meet with parents at least 3 times in the schoolyear to discuss goals, concerns, and progress, and we give weekly anecdotal reports. We also keep in touch through our Facebook page, Facebook group and twitter account.

Our progressive preschool has been ISO certified since January 2001. This means we do not only provide high quality service, but strive for continuous improvement. Toddlers Unlimited is also a Dep-Ed recognized institution.


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